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Benefits to kids who play sports

  • FOCUS: Improves focus and boosting memory among children
  • TEAM SPIRIT: Team building, team bonding, volunteering and leadership qualities
  • DISCIPLINE: Punctuality, hard work, competitive, goal setting, team player and diligently following
  • HEALTH: A Sound Mind resides in the sound body
  • INTEGRITY: Inclusiveness and volunteering
  • PERSEVERANCE: Inculcating habits of accepting failures, adapting and creating change
  • EMOTIONAL: Reduces stress, depression, anxiety and loneliness
  • HAPPINESS: Feel good attitude and feeling happy through making others happy
  • SOCIABLE: Creating connections, networking with friends and social well being
  • FAME: Chances to participate / win in local, national and global competitions
  • NATION BUILDING: Promoting peace, integrity, friendship, trust and patriotism
  • CAREER: Get good employment and create sports persons by becoming a coach

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